The people we elect are not our representatives

The people we elect are not our representatives

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate

The number of candidates elected for all the state level legislative assemblies and people elected for the parliament of India goes to thousands and huge amounts are spent on their election, on their pay and allowances, on their pension and maintenance of the houses and all this burden on state exchequer. And if we collect de5tails, we shall come to know that very few of them had been working for the people in the houses. They just go, sit in the house and when directed by the heads, they cast their votes as per whips without utilising their own conscience, wisdom, will and wishes. Very few of them had ever introduced a bill or a scheme in the houses. And when they had been elected, we were told that they are supporters of such and such individual autocrat and therefore, people are never told much about the candidate about his age, his health details, his past, his educational qualifications, his training, his expertise, his wisdom and experience. We just cast our votes in name of the individual autocrat and it is on record that the teams or the political parties, the politicians’ have formed are not based only principles, but they just pronounce one or two points and those points decide their fate.

We have declared ourselves a democracy and we have also pronounced that we are the biggest democracy in the world. But actually we are not fulfilling the basic principles of democracy because the people we elect are not our representatives, but are nominees of individual autocrats or nominees of political parties or teams they have formed and when these candidates are not from us, we cannot expect that they shall work for us in the houses. And we never ask the candidates what they had been doing during the last tenure, and most of them get the second and third chance too.

When this is the fate of our votes, we must think over this matter and must see that we elect our own representatives and only those should be elected who come with bills, schemes and targets which they shall introduce in the houses and this system of electing people who are just supporters of individual autocrats must be stopped forthwith without any further delay.

If we cannot change the present system, we must elect one from the only individual autocrats and he be allowed to have some members with him and there is no need of elections like one which we have established here in India. We have established a strange type of democracy in India where people elected are not representatives of the people but are supporters of the individual autocrats.

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