New theory emerging in early July 2020 that the novel Coronavirus ( Covid-19 ) is airborne

The world today is getting more and more infected by novel coronavirus officially given the name of Covid-19. It is spreading since it came to notice in January , 2020. The World Health Organisation whose duty it is to take steps to alert the global community about epidemics or pandemics and suggest all that is necessary to contain such deadly diseases. In this regard , the WHO has been until recently of the view that – “ the Covid-19 spreads primarily from person to person through small droplets from the nose and mouth which are expelled when a person with Covid-19 coughs , sneezes or speaks”.

But something new related to this scientific phenomenon about Covid-19 has been expressed in early July 2020 by 239 scientists of 32 countries to show that the novel coronavirus spreads through air. In other words , they have opined that Covid-19 is airborne. The novel coronavirus in small particles in the air can infect people. The WHO has been urged by the scientists to revise its recommendations in that regard. A detailed report with evidence is proposed by the scientists to be made available in days to come. WHO has responded by expressing their viewpoint consequent upon the new claim of scientists accepting the theory in certain conditions but has said it may need more going into. WHO is reported to have opined that yes the novel coronavirus could be airborne indoors when the small particles during coughing , sneezing or speaking may remain in the air while the droplets fall to the ground. The remedy may lie in keeping or accessing indoors open to fresh air. In this regard , basic question may have to be addressed with still closer clarity for common man as to what difference the new theory makes to the earlier theory of WHO. The earlier theory was that the virus spreads through person to person through small droplets from the nose and mouth which are expelled when a person with Covid-19 coughs , sneezes or speaks.

Obviously , the passage or medium is open space between one person and another. And there is limitation to space where small particles can stay and duration of their stay in the air.

It seemed the force or strength of sneezing or cough or speaking would bring out the droplets to the space between the persons , transporting to the being by entering via nose or mouth But the new theory looks like putting forth that the smaller particles of the coronavirus stay in the air and even if the person or persons emitting smaller particles have gone , the air possessing those smaller particles can enter through nose or mouth or respiratory system in the body to infect. But all these circumstances would need to be clarified as to the limitations of distance and time to the smaller particles to stay in air and travel through air to infect. Let us wait for more details and response of WHO as well. But if the new theory of how Covid-19 could be airborne and can spread through air is accepted as a scientific fact , it is obviously a new or addition to worry for global community. However , that may suggest to the accuracy of something relevant opined by this Vedic astrology writer in the alert on 11 November , 2019 through predictive article – “ Astrological probable alerts for 2020” – published at on 1 January , 2020. The text of the opinion referred here reads like this in the predictive article of 11 November , 2019 :-

“ 4. …………………………….. More care and appropriate strategy may be taken during April to June , particularly May-June in 2020 , against spill or loss of such stuff as are known for repugnant and repulsive smell though air passage”. The concept of airborne is clear here while other part is implied in the predictive alert , when related to Covid-19.

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