Pangong Lake And Galwan Valley located in the eastern Ladakh came to the Centre-stage during May-June 2020

The two names – Pangong Lake and Galwan Valley – were not as much known to average Indian as in May-June , 2020. These two locations in eastern Ladakh gained prominent focus when news reports flashed that on the intervening night of 5 and 6 May , in the small hours of 6 May , 2020 , some troops from both China and India had a body clash , at a position somewhere near Pangong Lake. Indian troops were reported to be at a location India perceives its own along Actual Line of Control. The news goes to say that Chinese troops were on petrol when the body clash took place on small hours of 6 May .

Let us know something about Pangong Lake , which continues to be in focus during May-June and after in 2020. According to description in news , Pangong Lake is a 135-km long lake in the Himalayas , stretching out from India to China. The landlocked Pangong lake looks like sea to the onlooker from a distance, and surely so to the viewers of TV channel news.

The Galwan Valley located in the eastern Ladakh , was also in sharp focus a month later in June 2020. Somewhere near Galwan river in the Galwan Valley , on the night of 15 June , 2020 , bloody body clashes erupted between troops of both the countries , in which Chinese troops are reported to have used stones and sticks clothed with iron wires. In this tragic incident , Indian soldiers exhibited exemplary bravery in keeping with their history known world over. It is here that 20 soldiers including a Colonel rank officer were martyred, killing about 43 Chinese soldiers. Some Indian soldiers were injured as well , who are getting necessary medical treatment. Chinese soldiers were also injured but they look to be tight – lipped over sharing details. A question may arise as to what led to the body clash on the night of 15 June , 2020. According to news reports , talks between Indian army and Chinese army to de-escalate the stand-off were continuing when the latter had agreed to move back some distance along the Actual Line of Control. A petrol party headed by the Commanding Officer had gone to check on the night of 15 June 2020 whether the Chinese army had moved , in fact. The Indian army petrolling party was surprised to find that they had not moved. During the course of asking , tension mounted leading to clashes.

It may be observed that in the small hours of 6 May and later in the night of 15 June , 2020 , Pangong lake looking like sea and Galwan river have come to sharp focus as regards precise location of the happenings. In this context , it may be apt to share with readers something this Vedic astrology writer had conveyed through predictive alerts in article – “ Predictions for coming year 2020 by kushal kumar” – published last year 2019 on 10 October at The predictive alert for more care and appropriate strategy had figured out the worrisome concern in May-June 2020 in H.P.-J&K –Uttarakhand for worrisome earthquake jolts. It was also said that ‘ danger via sea can come’. And among dates 6 May was also in the alert. So , answers to when , where and what were unambiguously hinted early on 10 October 2019 , as far as within reach. On hindsight , it seems , the precise hint required proper interpretation by those who are conversant with the strategies in the Actual Line of Control. The predictive alert of “ danger can come via sea” was also related to something in strategic locations in sea near southern and western coastal States or regions like Gujarat , Maharashtra , Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh , Telengana , Goa , Daman & Diu, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Besides , more care and appropriate strategy in aforesaid coastal States and regions against storms and cyclones was related. And these alerts covered April to June , particularly May-June , in 2020. It may be known that two major cyclonic storms – ‘Amphan’ and ‘ ‘Nisarga’ did wreck havoc in coastal States of West Bengal , parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra in May-June 2020 on dates in the alert.

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