New research on making control over water for the treatment of diseases

Amritsar, July 02, 2020: Water is considered as the pre-requirement of the life and it is supposed to have existed before the origin of life on this planet. Not even essential for the perpetuity of life in terms of our day to day dependence on water but it do play several fundamental roles inside our body. One of such roles of water in the transfer of electrons during the working of enzymes has been explored by the research group of Prof. Palwinder Singh in the Chemistry Department of Guru Nanak Dev University.

When designing new medicines against the particular diseases, it is very essential to look into the features of the proteins that are responsible for the origin and propagation of those diseases. Engaged in such research activities for the last couple of years, the research group focused on the working of proteins which cause inflammation because inflammation is the root cause of several other diseases including pneumonitis, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and a number of  neurodegenerative defects.

What earlier was supposed to be happening through the jumping of electrons from one part of the enzyme to the other has been established to be taking place through a well organized channel of water molecules. It is the outcome of several experiments performed in the Chemistry lab by Manpreet Kaur, Baljit Kaur, Jagroop Kaur as well as those performed on animals in collaboration with Dr. Rajbir Bhatti and Anudeep Kaur in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. This research will be helpful in the development of more effective medicines for the treatment of above mentioned diseases.

      The detailed results of this research are published in Scientific Reports, a high impact journal of Nature Publishing Group, England. The research group of Prof. Palwinder Singh owes these research achievements to the state of the art research facilities created in the University by the visionary vice-chancellor Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu along with his continuous support and encouragement.

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