To care for ourselves we must care for nature: Dr. Arora

Online competition on “Best out of Waste“ organized by Lifelong Learning Department of GNDU

Amritsar, June 19, 2020: The Department of Lifelong Learning organised an online competition on “Best out of Waste”, dedicated to the environment for encouraging global awareness and action to protect our environment. The theme for the day is ‘Biodiversity’, which provides the essential infrastructure that supports life on Earth and human development. The students took part in the competition with great spirit & with full enthusiasm.

While welcoming, Dr. Saroj Arora, Director said that despite all the benefits that our nature gives us, we still mistreat it. Today it’s a call to combat the accelerating species loss and degradation of the natural world. One million plant and animal species risk extinction, largely due to human activities. That is why we need to work on that. That is why we need this observance. The emergence of Covid-19 has underscored the fact that, when we destroy biodiversity, we destroy the system that supports human life. But, do we really know its importance ? The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature. Nature is sending us a message: To care for ourselves we must care for nature. It’s time to wake up. To take notice.To raise our voices.

Mrs.Tejpal Kaur,Programme Assistant and Coordintor of the event said that we all have a role to play in preventing biodiversity loss and preserving nature for our future. If we are to change the course of destruction, we must first learn about what we can do. Nature can meet our demands but not our greed.Therefore, there is need to reduce, recycle and reuse. With this aim in mind competition on ‘Best out of waste’ was organised.

The students of Dress Designing, Cutting & Tailoring; Cosmetology, Computer Applications; Fashion Designing; Fashion & Textile Designing and Web Designing participated in the competition. By making use of waste materials, students showed their creativity. They decorated the bags, water bottle bags, tiffin bags,with embroidery and printing, wall hangings, decorated jewellery boxes, bangle stands and decoration pieces, etc.

The items made by students were evaluated by Prof.Avinash Kaur Nagpal, Prof. Vasudha, Dr. Neena and Dr. Sarabjit Kaur. In this competition, students were selected for first, second and third positions. The respective class incharges motivated the students to participate and also collected the entries.

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