India Ladakh Galwan Valley Physical Fight Chinese Troops On Night Of 15 And 16 June 2020

India plunged into grief on 16 June , 2020 , lost 20 bravehearts at Galwan Valley in Ladakh , salutes them for supreme sacrifice.

India was filled with grief on hearing the shocking news of a treacherous attack by Chinese troops on patrolling party of Indian army on the night of 15/16 , 2020 at Galwan Valley in Ladakh border. The patrolling party of Indian army was on its way to check whether Chinese troops have moved out in fulfillment of agreement reached between China and India at senior army Commanders level meeting some days past in June 2020. When the patrolling party of Indian army reached the location in Galwan Valley , they found that Chinese troops had not moved out , violating the agreement. It is here that Chinese troops are reported to have attacked Indian patrolling party with physical body-fight using stones and other harmful barbed wire stuff they had. Indian troops retaliate in self-defense. As the patrolling was hugely outnumbered by Chinese troops in the beginning , more Indian armymen joined them. In the fight , India lost about 20 soldiers including a Colonel rank officer. News reports say that about 43 Chinese soldiers were killed/wounded. The tragedy has plunged the nation into grief , while their martyrdom defending the country has made the nation proud. Nation salutes them for their supreme sacrifice , and is one with their family members left behind. Prays for spiritual strength to them to bear the sad parting.

The worrisome situation was discussed by India on 16 June 2020 appropriately with China. The news reports are that Chinese troops have now disengaged at the location.

In this context , this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alert in article – “ Predictions for coming year 2020 by kushal kumar” – published last year 2019 on 10 October at may be referred to. The predictive alert was to take more care and appropriate strategy against earthquake in H.P-J&K-Uttarakhand during May-June 2020. It was also added that precaution may be called for while dealing with ‘ fire sensitive stuff’ during said period of time , taking more care while driving on road. More recently on 12 June , 2020 , this writer had sought to alert like this :- “ Keeping in view the contemporary planetary postures about India , it can be said that month of June upto 20 in 2020 , may be stressful more than what April-May 2020 have been , calling for increased patience , resolve and appropriate strategy…………”. The said predictive alert of this writer was a reading of planetary indications for India in the context of woes being heaped by Covid-19 , still it had relevance for other contemporary issues in June 2020 having equivalence to Covid-19. The predictive alert was a part of the article- “ When will Covid-19 loosen or weaken its grip in India?” – published on 12 June , 2020 at It seems the alert was meaningful.

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Hailing from Sansal of District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh, Kushal Kumar is presently a resident of Panchkula in Haryana , India. His predictive articles have also been published by world’s such leading astrological magazines as The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) from California and Horoscope from New York. His articles having predictive alerts for Singapore, Japan, India, U.S., Canada and Italy covering year 2019-20, have and are turning out to be precisely meaningful. His master-work on spiritual themes have also been brought out by leading magazines.

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