Health is most important factor & indicator of sustainable development : Scholars

International Webinar on Biodiversity and human health

Amritsar,  June 17,  2020: The Department of Botanical & Environmental Sciences under the dynamic leadership of worthy Vice chancellor organized International Webinar on Biodiversity and human health: New hits to fight Diseases in collaboration with Faculty Development Centre of Guru Nanak Dev University and Spinco Biotech Ltd.

            The webinar started with formal welcome and introduction to the topic by Prof Saroj Arora. The theme was focused on biodiversity, ecosystem and the essential services that they deliver as they are the center pillars of all life on planet including human life. Since ancient times natural products represent the main source of compounds employed in drug discovery and development. In wake of the fact that despite advanced technologically aided modern medical system, our society is witnessing a rise in various lifestyle disorders, chronic diseases and development of resistance to the existing remedies. Therefore, an integration of Ayurveda with modern systems is need of the hour. Health is the most basic human right and is the most important indicators of sustainable development

            The first resource person Dr. Rajendra Mehta, Professor (Emeritus) Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, deliberated on Discovery of Cancer Preventive and Therapeutic Hits in which he discussed the role of natural products to cure the dreadful disease. Dr Rahul Manan from Michigan Centre for Translational Pathology, Michigan, USA, spoke on Michigan Legacy Tissue Program (MLTP) and Novel Biomarker Discovery in Kidney Cancer. He discussed about the documentation of distribution of metastases and characterization of tumor phenotypically. The next resource person, Dr. Ismat Dhala-Nathani, University of Bristol, Toronto, thew light on Psychoneuro immunity. She commented that natural medicines have great role in integration of various organs, senses and body systems.

            Prof. Dr. G. G. Gangadharan, Director, Ramaiah Indic Specialty Ayurveda – Restoration Hospital, Bengaluru and Dr.Arun Chandan,Regional Director, Research Institute in Indian Systems of Medicine (RIISM), Ministry of AYUSH Govt of India discussed the role of ayurveda and medicinal plants in maintaining good health. Dr. Ajit Datar, Advisor, Shimadzu analytical Pvt. Ltd., Thane, Maharashtra deliberated on the applications of analytical techniques in identifying phytochemicals from medicinal plants.

            Prof Avinash Kaur Nagpal and Prof.A darsh Pal Vig coordinated the question answer session. Dr Jatinder,Dr.Rajinder,Dr.Satwinderjeet Kaur and Dr.Manpreet Bhatti introduced the resource persons. Prof. Renu Bhardwaj thanked the audience for their participation in the webinar with full enthusiasm and  great spirit. There were 700 participants in the webinar.

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