Bhagwat Gita In Europe And America As Crisis Management In 2020

In their resolve to face catastrophic times generated by Covid -19 and other woeful happenings by June 2020 , some countries in America and Europe are drawing peace , solace and strength from lessons in Bhagvad Geeta.

It is a common knowledge these days in 2020 that the world is reeling under the deadly attack of the Coronavirus pandemic known as Covid-19. With the passing of each day , the number of those infected by it are ever increasing , death rate is equally getting alarming. Europe and America have been no less hardly hit. A kind of crisis having potential to dampen the spirit with definite impact of weakening the resolve to face crisis bravely , seems to have come about.

Over a dozen countries and a large number of scientists have been working day and night to find an answer since the worrisome news of the novel coronavirus was brought to attention in January 2020 by W.H.O. The circumstance of crisis is more than real when effective drug or vaccine are in the waiting. A kind of crisis having potential to dampen the spirit with definite impact of weakening the resolve to face crisis bravely , seems to have come about. It is here that some countries in Europe and America are reportedly turning to lessons in Bhagvad Geeta for peace , solace and strengthening the resolve to face the calamitous times bravely.

Bhagvad Geeta is a repository of answers to questions put forth by Arjun to his friend-master , Lord Krishna during the course of war known as Mahabharata war fought on the ground of Kurukshetra between two factions of a princely family – Kauravas and Pandavas. Kurukshetra is a well-known historical place located in Haryana State of India. The Mahabharata war had basically arisen over a dispute in the property between the two aforesaid factions. Lord Krishna , who was related to the family , also had army. Both the factions reach Lord Krishna for support , who gives option to them to choose either him or his army. The faction led by Arjun opted for Lord Krishna while the other faction opted for his army. Lord Krishna chooses to be charioteer of Arjun. As the chariot carrying Arjun driven by charioteer Lord Krishna reaches battleground , Lord Krishna asks Arjun to shoot out arrows towards the commanders on the now enemy in the battle-field.

The resolve of Arjun to fight weakens on the prospect of killing his elders and relatives in the other faction. He shares the same with Lord Krishna. It is here that answers come from Lord Krishna , which have inspired and continue to inspire people in similar circumstances. Lord Krishna tells Arjun that death is the end of the physical body , which is certain for every being including human- being while the soul does not die. The person takes another birth in the body as determined by spiritual merit. In this light , the attachment of a person with loved ones or friends should not give pain on any incident of separation or death. The Lord teaches Arjun that in battle-field , duty of later is to fight. If he wins , he will rule. If he dies in the battle , he will go to heaven. In short , the lesson here is that crisis need not pave way for grief or depression. Rather , the lesson can pave way for peace , solace giving strength to face calamitous times bravely.

News reports are saying that in the lessons of Bhagvad Geeta , some countries in Europe and America are finding peace , solace and strength to face ongoing calamitous times in June onward in 2020 , generated by Covid-19 and other disasters. That amazingly confirms one of the predictions made by this Vedic astrology writer at a stage of time when novel coronavirus was not born, in article – “ Predictions for coming year 2020 by kushal kumar” – published last year 2019 on 10 October at The text of the prediction reads like this in the article :-
“ Now , something encouraging. The second half of the year from July to November 2020 looks to be addressing the setbacks or delay of the past , particularly those of the first half……………………………. Such knowledge or stuff related thereto as Yoga , Ayurveda , herbal , and spiritual side can be found addressing material issues like health”.

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Hailing from Sansal of District Kangra of Himachal Pradesh, Kushal Kumar is presently a resident of Panchkula in Haryana , India. His predictive articles have also been published by world’s such leading astrological magazines as The Mountain Astrologer (TMA) from California and Horoscope from New York. His articles having predictive alerts for Singapore, Japan, India, U.S., Canada and Italy covering year 2019-20, have and are turning out to be precisely meaningful. His master-work on spiritual themes have also been brought out by leading magazines.

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