Death Of A Black American Man , George Floyd In Police Custody

Death Of A Black American Man , George Floyd In Police Custody Due To Brutality on 25 May 2020 In Minneapolis City of Minnesota State of The U.S. Triggers Widespread Protests in the U.S. Reaching Out To Several Countries Across The World.

The brutal and woeful killing of George Floyd on 25 May , 2020 was seen by the U.S. and across the globe in an audio-vedeo , which sparked protests in several States of the U.S , looking like sudden volcano eruption. The protests spread to some countries across the globe. The concerned white police officers were taken into police custody charging them strictly as per law. A racial meaning has been read in the brutal death of George Floyd in Police custody in many quarters.

This Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts of 11 November , 2019 covering year 2020 for the United States were published in article – “ Astrological probable alerts for 2020” – at on 1 January , 2020. The following predictive alert for more care and appropriate strategy in the said article appears precisely closer to the tragic incident :-

“ Predictive Conclusions

4. The months of April to June , particularly May-June 2020 , look to be trending into the scene some serious worrisome landscapes. There could be some war or war-like conditions across the world , which the U.S. may be called upon to address………………………………………..Attention may also be paid to volcano-potential or volcano prone locations. Such locations as are in north-west to Washington could probably relate to one or more of the aforesaid concerns.

5. Have an eye on Separating or communal tendencies there”.

So , if violent protests involving incidents of fire can be equated to some sort of implied volcano , it can be said that worrisome scenario that developed through widespread protests in the streets of the United States , was well there in the alert. Minneapolis in Minnesota happens to be one of locations in north-west to Washington. Further , near about the time when first half of 2020 is closing to finish , the tragic incident has taken place on 25 May , 2020. So , then there was emphasis on the alert – “ Have an eye on separating or communal tendencies”.

In conclusion , it can be opined that the predictive alert may have probably served to provide substantially prior hint of what could likely come up needing closer precaution.

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