Locust Swarms Sneaks Into India During April-June 2020 , Threatening To Damage The Crops In Some States

During April-June , 2020 , India is facing worrisome concerns on a variety of fronts. There are terrorists on the border of J&K , Chinese build-up at LAC of Ladakh in the north of India. Then there come cyclonic storms like Amphan and Nisarga , floods , impacting substantially some of coastal States , particularly West Bengal , Maharashtra and Gujarat. A pandemic known as Covid-19 is an unprecedented catastrophic health concern for the entire country during the said period. Something more , this time the worst in about 27 years – Locast Swarms coming via Pakistan through sky route. It is reported to have first entered in Rajasthan on 11 April , 2020.

The reports suggest that usually , the locusts come during June-November but in the present year 2020 , these have made their worrisome presence felt in some States of India in April and the months that follow. The news reports have indicated that the locust coming this year are ‘immature’ which means they can stay longer to cause harm as they have a longer life-span. They have already done much damage to crops and vegetation in some States , prompting authorities and the public to step up their counter measures. Drones , tractors and cars have been employed to track these and spray pesticides. These are already reported to be active in some parts of Gujarat , Maharashtra , U.P. , Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Such States/UT as Delhi , Punjab , Haryana have been alerted.

In this context , it may be of relevance that readers are referred to this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts in article – “ Predictions for coming year 2020 by kushal kumar” – published last year 2019 on 10 October at Almost all worrisome concerns India is facing during April-June , 2020 can be found in the alert forecast of this writer. Here , only ‘ damage to crops’ is being focused. Northern States like Punjab , Haryana , Delhi and nearby like U.P. implying Rajasthan as well were alerted. Coastal States were also alerted against likely ‘ damage to crops’ through cyclones , storms and floods. In the list of States , Gujarat and Maharashtra were also included. Since locust swarms also have usual tendency to sneak into aforesaid States with likelihood to cause damage to crops , such swarms were implied.

It seems the purpose of alerting substantially prior has been served.

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