Guru Nanak Dev University organized webinar on “Biodiversity: Bio-Indicators, Monitoring and Ecosystem Health” to celebrate the World Environment Day

Amritsar June 05, 2020 ( ) – The Department of Botanical & Environmental Sciences of Guru Nanak Dev University has organized webinar on “Biodiversity: Bio-Indicators, Monitoring and Ecosystem Health” to celebrate the World Environment Day here today in collaboration with International Union for conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Commission on Education for Communication (CEC). As many as 700 scholars, researchers and faculty participated in the webinar.

The Chief guest and key note speaker, Dr. Oommen V. Oommen, former Chairman, Kerala Biodiversity Board shared his ideas on biodiversity which is his field of research. He also threw light on role of plants in the survival of human beings. He commented that it has been forewarned in our religious scriptures that human activities can damage the ecosystem. He argued that man’s dependence and association on biodiversity is as old as his own existence but in the pursuit of material development we have caused damage to the nature balance development. He drew the attention of audience about the importance of plants to mankind and the need to conserve them.

Prof. V.P. Uniyal Scientist and fellow of Royal Entomological Society, London and wild life institute of india, Dehradun deliberated on Bioindicatos for monitoring biodiversity and ecosystem health. He discussed the insect biodiversity and their role in pollination to produce diversity in plants. Prof. Avinash Kaur Nagpal discussed the electronic herbarium to conserve biodiversity. She apprised about the efforts of the department to conserve the plants in Botanical garden.

Dr Rajinder Kaur, Co-ordinator of program highlighted the importance of the day and need of conservation of biodiversity and its effects on food and health. She told that it is a flagship day for encouraging global awareness and action to protect our environment. Dr. M.S. Bhatti, Head of the department formally welcomed the speakers and participants. The theme for World Environment Day this year is ‘Celebrate Biodiversity’, which provides the essential infrastructure that supports life on Earth and human development. Despite all the benefits that our nature give us, we still mistreat it. Today it’s a call to combat the accelerating species loss and degradation of the natural world. One million plant and animal species risk extinction, largely due to human activities. That is why we need to work on that.

Professor Renu Bhardwaj also addressed that how human beings can conserve nature by not disturbing it and by stopping overuse of natural resources. Prof. Saroj Arora Co-ordinator thanked the audience for their participation on world environment day with full enthusiasm and great spirit. The webinar was also attended by Prof. Adarsh Pal Vig, Prof. Satwinderjeet Kaur, Dr. Jatinder Kaur, Dr. Bindia as well as the faculty all over the globe. There were 700 participants in the webinar.

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