Major Worrisome Concerns in Some Parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra Which Focused India’s Attention On 3 June , 2020

The date 3 June , 2020 brought to the scene the following major worrisome concerns in Maharashtra and Gujarat , with which the entire country was focused :-

  1. A severe cyclonic storm ‘ Nisarga’ hit the coast of Alibaug in Maharashtra in the forenoon of 3 June , 2020 with wind speed of about 100 to 120 kms per hour. The storm , however , spared Mumbai from major worrisome concern. While two persons are reported to have died somewhere in Pune , huge damage to vulnerable houses , trees and other property has been reported in areas where it made landfall. More details are expected to come.
  2. A cargo aircraft of a private company is reported to have overshot the runway while landing at the Mumbai airport on 3 June 2020 due to heavy rain and high wind speed of cyclonic storm Nisarga over the region , forcing suspension of the operations till 7 P.M. No untoward happening has been reported.
  3. The cyclonic storm ‘ Nisarga’ is reported to have impacted on 3 June 2020 some coastal areas of Gujarat with rain and winds which had weakened.
  4. A boiler blast on 3 June 2020 in a chemical factory located in Bharuch region of Gujarat has been reported. A massive fire is reported to have broken out. At least 5 persons are reported to have died while 40 workers have been injured , receiving treatment in hospital.
  5. In the context of these major worrisome concerns in relation to major worrisome concerns on 3 June , 2020 , it may be apt to refer readers to this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts for more care and appropriate strategy in article – “ Predictions for coming year 2020 by kushal kumar” – published last year 2019 on 10 October at A predictive alert covering April –June , particularly May-June , in 2020 , can be found in the said the article of 10 October , 2019. And in relation to 3 June 2020 , the predictive alert would be found reading like this :-

“ Coastal States of India may be called upon to take more care and appropriate strategy against likely cyclones , storms , floods , coming of danger via sea , landslide and damage to crops. Such dates of June as 3 , 4 , …………………………may be watched with care. Coastal States/UTs such as Gujarat , some parts of Maharashtra ……………………look to be vulnerable. It may be apt for them to take necessary precautions during May-June , 2020.

While dealing with or handling gas , oil -diesel , chemicals , fire-sensitive stuff , more alertness may be called for. Similar precaution may be taken while driving on road-rail-air”.

Kushal kumar ,
202-GH28 , Mansarovar Apartments ,
Sector 20 , Panchkula-134116 , Haryana.

4 June , 2020.

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