Kabir Singh actor Soham Majumdar in a new short film by windows

The lockdown shorts series from Windows Production is already one of the most talked-about Bengali short film series. They have released their new short film ‘Banobas’. The latest shorts film from Windows talks about the uncertainty of a newlywed couple who have self-quarantined themselves due to recent International travel history amidst Coronavirus pandemic.

With Kabir Singh fame Soham Majumdar as one of the leads, he will be seen again in a Windows’ project after the last released Bengali film before lockdown, Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti. The story and screenplay writer of the same film, Zinia Sen, has penned down a beautiful tale of two young couples who are stuck at home after a recent vacation abroad. Sauraseni Maitra, who was seen in Finally Bhalobasha, is paired opposite Soham Majumdar. Windows is collaborating with Sauraseni for the first time for Banobas.

The story depicts the anxiety faced by the couple and how they overcome the same with love and care. With every sneeze and cough, there is the fear of contamination and thoughts of contracting Coronavirus. Banobas is a beautiful tale of the struggle that the young couple faced during the lockdown due to pandemic.

With every short film released as of now, the stories of the relatable characters have become popular amongst the audience. Banobas will be available on YouTube and other social media channels of Windows. We can’t wait to see how the audience reacts to the new short film.

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