Myprotein Launches Five New Products For 16th Birthday to Boost Your Immunity

World’s no 1 online sports and nutrition brand has had a stellar journey to the top ever since its launch in the country, and they’re always looking to innovate and adapt, giving them a unique edge in meeting India’s fitness demands.

From protein supplements to multivitamins and loads more, Myprotein has quickly evolved into India’s go-to for all its health needs. And to enhance this position even further, the brand has just unveiled its impressive plans to shake things up a bit more this summer. Celebrating their 16th birthday on May 29th, 2020, Myprotein is now introducing five great new products to the discerning buyers in our country i.e. Clear Whey Isolate, Vitamin C & Grapeseed Tablets, IWP Coffee, Alpha Men Tablets and Daily Probiotic Pills.

Looking to build muscle with a protein supplement, but want to steer clear of heavy shakes? Myprotein’s award winning product and international best seller Clear Whey Isolate is a great innovation that breaks away from the stereotype. The fruity flavour of Orange and Mango will satisfy your sweet cravings, despite being low in sugar, and there’s no milky taste or texture.

Well known for helping build collagen, Vitamin C Tablet maintains our muscles and aids in recovery from injuries and wounds; enhances absorption of iron and reduces fatigue; and works as an anti-inflammatory and fights off infections and Grapeseed, high in Vitamins C & E, offers an extra punch with its antioxidant properties that improve skin and play a role in anti-ageing and disease prevention.

IWP – Coffee gives you an endurance boost, especially if you’re  running, swimming, cycling or rowing, and even helps increasing reps performed in resistance exercises. It can also improve strength performance and muscle glucose uptake for better recovery.Myprotein’s new low-sugar IWP Coffee offers you every advantage, with every serving giving you more of what you need – 21g protein. Specially formulated for active men who train hard, Myprotein’s Alpha Men multivitamin has a host of essential nutrients which helps to reduce fatigue and support the immune system, keeping you in peak form and Myprotein’s Daily Probiotic, helps maintain good bacteria, while simultaneously inhibiting the growth of detrimental strains.

Ms.Esha Singh, Managing Director- India & Emerging Markets, said, “We are very excited to launch these products in India for our customers. Our aim is to ensure that Indian customers get the same award winning and cutting edge products that are available in other global markets.”

They are vital to support an individual’s physical training by fulfilling the essential nutrient requirements of the body. These products have been appreciated by our customers in other countries, and we hope to garner similar success in India. Particularly, really excited to launch the clear whey in India .

The company is offering great deals on their website by using this exclusive code: WORKOUT at the time of ordering. Visit: to start shopping.

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