India is continuing to be in lockdown since midnight of 24 March , 2020 , which is presently effective upto 31 May with necessary relaxations. The lockdown was imposed in view of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country. News reports in May 2020 suggest of high spike in such cases. The question before the nation is for further extension beyond 31 May , which is likely. According to news reports on 25 May , 2020 , Himachal Pradesh Government has decided to go in for lockdown till 30 June 2020 , in the State leaving it to the district administrations to take appropriate decision . District administrations of Solan and Hamirpur are reported to have extended the lockdown on 25 May 2020 till 30 June.

In this context , it may be apt to refer readers to this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts for more care and appropriate strategy in article – “ Predictions for coming year 2020 by kushal kumar” – published on 10 October , 2019 at The text related to the April-June 2020 scenario in the country reads like this in the said article :-

1.“ The next three months from April to June in 2020 , appears to be a period of time testing ‘patience’ and ‘perseverance’ , introducing several parts of the country to worrisome concerns”. ………………………………….

“ It may be apt for them to take necessary precautions during May-June 2020”…………………..

“ Such States as HP…………..can be mentioned for taking precautions”.

  1. There is encouraging picture of the nation predicted as well by this writer on 10 October 2019 , which has begun to take shape around mid -May and after in 2020 . Have an interesting reading here of the said encouraging picture :-

“ Now , something encouraging. The second half the year from July to November 2020 , looks to be addressing the setbacks or delay of the past , particularly those of the first half. Some trends of success or forward movement in economic sector , political issues are likely. Cooperation or support of global powers may be seen coming. Some historic political decision is likely. The obstructive forces may weaken to some extent. Like the previous year , acceptance by the global community of India’s positive role in world affairs may be in the news. It seems second half of 2020 can boost up the ambitious side of the nation. Such knowledge or stuff related thereto as Yoga , Ayurveda , herbal , and spiritual side addressing material issues like health. Efforts made in the economic sector or space program are likely to meet with success bringing name”.

  1. Dr Harsh Vardhan has on 22 May , 2020 , taken charge of the Chairman of the Executive Board in World Health Organisation.
  2. India TV Channel had an interesting but encouraging news to share on the night of 25 May 2020 about international rating on the way the Coronavirus pandemic ( Covid-19 ) was handled in India. The international rating of Prime Minister , Narendra Modi , is said to be at place one (1) , other prominent leaders like Angela Merkel of Germany , Mackron of France , Donald Trump of the U.S , coming below in the rating. Is this not proving this writer’s prediction accurate – “ It seems the second half in 2020 can boost up the ambitious side of the nation”.

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