Kartik Aaryan Takes Upon Himself To Spread Good News In His Hit Series Koki Poochega

In the times of pandemic and the spread of the fatal virus has put everyone’s lives under stress and hence it’s sad to read newspapers or watch news on the television. Media has some saddening and unfortunate stories of daily wage workers and many other laymen suffering due to this lockdown. However trust Kartik Aaryan to make one feel good, spread positivity and see good in these dark times. 

Recently Kartik Aaryan shared a video on Instagram, where he talks about how catching up on news in these current times has become upsetting, however he takes upon himself to show some good news to the netizens and his ardent fans. He captioned the motivating video saying, ‘Koki Good News dene vaala hai.’ In the video Kartik Aaryan speaks as Koki, the new hot and trending chat show host in tinsel town.

He says that we’re not running out of happy-news and gives us some amazing examples of it. Four young lads in Kerala step out to deliver medicines who’re in need of it in the nearby vicinity so that people don’t have to step out of their homes. Bulgarian coach praises Kerala as he’s stuck in the city during lockdown and he has no complains to be stuck in another country, as people have been very responsible of social-distancing. The content of this video is linked to the new guest on his hit show, Nooh Bava. The man is an IAS officer in Kerala and has been praised for his instant-thinking in times of COVID 19. When the man came to know about just three cases in his district, he took charge and stationed the patients in complete isolation to prevent the spread of the virus. Now such a great action done so quickly, surely deserves to be told and applauded too. No wonder, Aaryan’s new guest is the man who’s being called with the gift of instant-thinking and is Kerala’s latest superhero. 

Kartik Aaryan had earlier shared an announcement that the next guest on his show is Nooh Bava and that his fifth episode will release today and drop on his channel soon. Soon netizens and his fans started commenting on the post, saying that they can’t wait for it anymore, as Koki Poochega is easily the most watched series in this lockdown period and is easily the most inspiring chat show in recent times. We can just say that, we’re proud of this heartthrob and his good move to spread good news and content for citizens

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