In a Democracy Ministers do not fight with Civil Servants- Simranjit Singh Mann

In a Democracy the roles of the Ministers and the Civil Servants are clearly defined. The Ministers makes the policies and Civil Servants implement and execute them. While implementing the policies the Civil Servants by experience are trained to execute them by the rules, the laws and the Constitution. That is the role of the Minister and the Civil Servant. If there is any ambiguity the policy dictated by the Minister has to be executed within such a framework. The Civil Servant assists and helps the Minister in every legal and Constitutional way. Therefore, there should be no quarrel between the Minister and the Civil Servant. We hope the Ministers will clearly keep within the procedure laid down in a democracy and the working of its Government functioning.

The Chief Minister and the Prime Minister are capable in defining these rules and keep the wheels of a Government running smoothly. Our party hopes that in the present circumstances the Ministers and Civil Servants will work according to the rules laid down and the storm will blow over.

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