Basketball player Kobe Bryant remembers in a unique way

Basketball player Kobe Bryant remembers in a unique way

Fresno,(California), Feb.13 (Raj Gogna) -yesterday A peculiar tribute was paid to Kobe Bryant, America’s most popular basketball player at the guru’s hometown of California, California. Meanwhile, two hours of Sukhmani Sahib was recited at Gurdwara Sahib. On this occasion, the Sikh men present were wearing Lakers’ jerseys and women wearing traditional purple and yellow, with Bryant inscribed on it.

Los Angeles Lakers star player Kobi Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others were killed in a plane crash at the Gurdwara Nancers Sikh Temple in Arizona. During this time Sikh men, women and children present at the recitation and the Sangat were wearing such clothes that the player’s name was inscribed. Thousands of Sikh men and children were wearing lacquer jerseys, while Sikh women wore purple and yellow salwar kameez, which is a traditional dress of Sikh women. Let’s say that Kobe Bryant was a popular basketball player who sparked the United States worldwide. He died in a plane crash last month.

Kobe Bryant’s daughter Guyana and seven other people lost their lives in the accident.The organizers of the Gurdwara Nanaksar, located in Cherry Avenue, Arizona, paid homage, saying that Kobe Bryant was a popular American player, and the Sikh community was deeply hurt by his death. He said seeing the success of Kobe Bryant, many children in his community started playing basketball, but with the death of Kobe, his heart was deeply hurt.

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