Second Day of YUVFORIA-2019: 35th North Zone Inter-University Youth Festival

Second Day of YUVFORIA-2019: 35th North Zone Inter-University Youth Festival

Social issues were dominated in skits perfmormed by student-artists

Amritsar, December 26: On the second day of ongoing YUVFORIA-2019, 35th North Zone Inter-University Youth Festival, the competitions in skit, classical dance, folk orchestra, one act play, western solo, classical vocal solo, elocution, on the spot painting and clay modeling were organized. 

This festival is being hosted by the University under the aegis of Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi. Earlier, inauguration begin with procession comprises of a galaxy of as many as 1500 student-artists from 37 universities from North India wearing their traditional attires and dancing on the beat of traditional & contemporary music.

In the competition of skit, the student-artists performed skits based on day to day problems and plight of women in our society. They also raised questions on so many social rituals and issues. The finest presentation by student-artists was depicted in the way they performed on stage. They conveyed their message of serious issues in comic ways.

The skit ‘Ravan’ was based inner cleanliness and is an eve opener to the modest situations & problems of our society. The skit ‘Ravana’ concludes with the aim to encourage & motivate society to not just stuck to outer cleanliness but should also work on the inner cleanliness on individual basis then only we will be able to achieve the complete cleanliniess in our society , then only the burning of Ravan every year on dusshera will be justified & will be worthy.

In skit ‘Suryaan’, there was comic depiction of global warming which has made it really difficult for people to live on earth. To cope this, India has built a rocket that will land on sun but it can give seat to only six people. In this skit, the student artists performed comically to caution about the message  of action taken about global warming.

Skit, ‘Chali Kahani’ was about epitomes of humankind serving justice and maintaining the humane standards. In the skit, student-artists performed on their own story portraying every face of these famous coins, not to condemn any of them but to state just one fact that no matter how big mistake is, with proper efforts and self evaluation, things become right again. Similarly, social issues were raised by students in ‘Challan’ and ‘Kamla Kaki ki Kahani’. In skit, ‘Kya Mard ko Dard Hota Hai’ was about equal rights. It talks about women empowerment. In the play it was performed that there are men too who go through various mental and emotional traumas. This skit portrays the same issues faced by men in every day life.  

In ‘Elocution’ competition, the topic was ‘India: Past, Present and future’ and ‘Cultural Mood’ was topic for On the Spot Photography competition. On December 27 competions of One Act Play, Western Group Song (Venue-I), Classical (Inst.) (Non-Percussion), Classical (Inst.) Percussion (Venue-II), Debate (Venue-III), Rangoli, Cartooning (Venue-IV) will be organized.  

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