Book of GNDU Scientist will help scientists to discover new drugs for deadly diseases

Book of GNDU Scientist will help scientists to discover new drugs for deadly diseases

Amritsar, November 29: Eminent scientist, Prof. (Dr.) Swapandeep Singh Chimni from the Department of Chemistry of the Guru Nanak Dev University has recently authorized research book entitled ‘Asymmetric Synthesis of 3, 3-Disubstituted Oxindoles’ in collaboration with Dr. Renato Dalpozzo from University of Calabria in Italy, Dr. Ramon Rios Torres from University in Southampton, UK, Prof. Héléne Pellissier from Aix-Marseille University France. The book has been published by World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd., London.

Prof. Chimni said that the objective of this book is to give comprehensive literature survey on the preparation of substituted oxindoles which has emerged as a valuable scaffold in medicinal chemistry possessing diverse range of pharmacological activities including anti-cancer, anti-HIV, anti-diabetic, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant etc. This book will be helpful for researchers and teachers as well as medicinal chemist for the designing and synthesis of novel oxindole derivatives with improved range of pharmacological implications. He said that today there are so many deadly diseases the alleviation of which require the discovery of new medicine. There is need for new discoveries so that economically viable treatment of various diseases can be found.

It is pertinent to say that Prof. Chimni has published over 125 research publications in the area of synthetic organic chemistry with emphasis on asymmetric organocatalysis, biocatalysis and phase transfer catalysis as well as green chemistry. Vice Chancellor Prof. Jaspal Singh Sandhu congratulated Prof. Chimni for this remarkable achievement.

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