Lecture on ‘Economic Development in India: Past, Present and Future’ organized at Guru Nanak Dev University

Lecture on ‘Economic Development in India: Past, Present and Future’ organized at Guru Nanak Dev University

Amritsar, October 18: A lecture on ‘Economic Development in India: Past, Present and Future’ was organized. This lecture was organized by Punjab School of Economics of the Guru Nanak Dev University. A large numbers of students and faculty attended.

          Prof. Ranjit Singh Ghuman, Professor of Eminence of the University delivered this lecture. Prof. Kuldip Kaur, Professor and Head welcomed Prof. Ghuman and others. Prof. Neena proposed a vote of thanks.

          Prof. Ghuman highlighted the resons for slowdown in Indian economy and emphasized on consumption led growth model for its retrievel. He also traced the dynamics of growth of the Indian economy since independence and emphasised that capitalistic model of development only accentuated inequalities in the economy.

          He said that the growth of the economy remained constrained with low growth of income and employment and hence consumption. Thus the current slowdown is the legacy of the past developments in the Indian economy. He suggested that the government must play a commanding role in stimulating the investment, consumption and employment in the economy that would spur up the demand that would provide and impetus for corporate growth.

          The lecture was followed by brain storming discussion by the research scholars, students and faculty members.

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