One day Golden Jubilee National Seminar on Environment Protection at GNDU


One day Golden Jubilee National Seminar on Environment Protection at GNDU

Amritsar April 5: One day Golden Jubilee National Seminar on Environment Protection through Innovative Ecological Practices was organized by the Department of Zoology, Guru Nanak Dev University. The seminar was organized as part of Special Assistance Programme of UGC, New Delhi sanctioned to the Department. The main objective of the seminar was to sensitize the students about the deterioration of the environment and the need to make suitable efforts to prevent its degradation.

Dr. Satwinder Kaur, Head of Department welcomed the guests. She apprised the students about the threats to the environment and the need for timely action to avert further deterioration of the natural ecosystem. Dr. Dimple Dhaliwal Srivastava, Medical Officer In charge at Police Hospital Amritsar was the Chief Guest of the day. She in her address highlighted the need for citizen-centric efforts to build a healthy environment. She emphasized the need for solid waste management, judicious use of water and other resources. She also stressed that we should reduce the burden of plastic bags and plastic bottles. Professor Renu Bhardwaj, Dean, Life Sciences presided over the function. She stressed on the need for community-level participation for the conservation of the environment and explained how public awareness like the chipko movement has saved many natural resources all over India.

Prof. B.D. Joshi from Gurukul Kangri, University, Haridwar spoke about eutrophication of lakes of India. He pointed out that pollution is not only affecting the natural beauty of these lakes but also threatening their biodiversity. He stressed that anthropogenic activities were mainly responsible for ecosystem degradation and highlighted that there was a need for equal participation of government and public for restoration and conservation of natural habitats.

Prof. Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Department of Zoology, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra delivered a lecture on invasive species and their negative impact on endemic species. He emphasized that there is a need for conservation of native gene pool for maintaining ecological balance and reducing the cost of production. He suggested that exotic species should be introduced after critical evaluation of their impact on the biodiversity of an area. The seminar concluded with a formal vote of thanks by Dr Arvinder Kaur and a message to the students that we should create a world where there is no need to protect the environment but we should have an environment that does not need any protection..

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