Kul-Geet is not a replacement for “Shabad” – Registrar

Amritsar, March 26: A misunderstanding has been created regarding the Kul-Geet of Guru Nanak Dev University.

Prof. Dr. Karanjit Singh Kahlon, Registrar again emphatically and strongly stated that the Sri Guru Gobind Singh Shabad “dyih isvw bru moih iehY…” is recited with much reverence before the commencement of any major event in the university and will continue in the same manner.

He further clarified that Kul-Geet is not a replacement for the “Shabad” and is not to be played at the Opening of a function. He said that “Shabad” cannot be replaced by a “Geet” which is the established view of the university.

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