Three-Week Refresher Course for Teacher Educators


Three-Week Refresher Course for Teacher Educators

Amritsar,  March 8: A “Three-Week Refresher Course for Teacher Educators” was inaugurated at the UGC- Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) of Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. As many as 35 University and College teachers pertaining to the discipline education Punjab and other far-flung states of the country are participating in it.

 Prof. K. Ramachandran, Advisory, India Africa Institute of Education Planning and Administration, New Delhi presided over the inaugural session. In his inaugural address, he emphasized on pressing need of re-designing the training programme for the teachers in order to uplift the quality of education to be imparted to the younger generation to the global level. Talking about the anomalies in the prevalent in the current training programmes of the teachers, he stressed on making these programmes relevant, authentic in the light of the technological advancements.

The dire need of the hour is to inculcate inquisitive, innovative, creative skills in the younger generation rather than to make them learn by the obsolete rot method only, he continued. Sharing the latest national statistical data regarding the performance of the school children in the basic disciplines, he held the teacher training programmes responsible for their poor performance.

Since the students of today are better informed, acquainted, techno-savvy, the teachers will have to rise to the occasion to meet their aspirations in order to avoid the risk of being redundant, he cautioned them. In his enlightening address, he also shed light on the causes behind the absence of Indian universities and institutes of higher education in the top 200 universities of the world, he opined that it takes centuries of hard work to take any educational institute to that level along with the sufficient financial resources, which, is, unfortunately, not the case with the Indian universities.

Prof. T.S. Banipal, Dean College Development Council expressed his grave concern over the deteriorating quality of education in the country. The main aim of such courses offered by the University Grants Commission is to constantly upgrade the expertise, knowledge, competence, pedagogical skills of the teachers, he said further. Instead of shifting the blame on the others, it is imperative for all of us to introspect as well, he emphasized.

Dr. Deepa Sikand Kauts, Dept. of Education and the Course Coordinator apprised them with the aims and objectives of the course. Earlier Prof. K. Ramachandran and Prof. T.S. Banipal were accorded welcome by presenting them a sapling by Dr. Deepa Sikand and Dr. Mohan Kumar

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