Most appropriate time for signing No War Pact: Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate

Most appropriate time for signing No War Pact: Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate

Division of Hindustan in 1947 had been the worst entry in history of this sub continent. The last seven decades these two brothers could not live in peace over a petty matter. They had been at direct wars and also they had been suffering because of indirect w3ar through terrorists. The petty issue too has become an item in history. In spite of all these items in history of this sub continent, the people are still one and want peace.

The present events show that both India and Pakistan want to have permanent peace in this sub continent and ther3fore, both the4 PMs must come near to each other and must draft a No War Pact and sign it so tht peace could be established in this sub continent like one established between Canada and America. When both the countries have understood that wars between these two countries are just futile exercises and just killing of people and they also know that their progress is also disturbed because of threats of wars. If both the PMs come together and bring this treaty, they shall write their names in history of this sub continent and shall also get Nobel Prize for establishing peace next year. UNO may bring the two PMs together for drafting this treaty or power like America too can help them. People of both the countries shall be thankful who helps them towards this direction.

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