Pulwama terror attack

Pulwama terror attack

            Pulwama terror attack killing a large number of our soldiers’ means it ends the waiting period for us.  As far as Kashmir is conc34rned, the whole of state belongs to India because ultimately the4 king of Kashmir had handed over his state to India and he himself abdicated and agreed to the t4erms offered for heads of other state. We still claim that whole of State belongs to us and therefore, this waiting period of seven decades must end.  We had been suffering much during these seven decades and the onl7y solution to this problem is that5 we must take over the other part of the state which had been wrongly occupied by Pakistan and the present LOC  would be creating more and more problems for us and if we count killings in the state, the number is o  higher side and does not come within Law and Order maintenance system. We should postpone our elections for two years and must solve this Kashmir problem because we cannot offer this problem to others for solutions, but we shall have to solve this problem ourselves and therefore, the waiting period must end now and we must take over the other part without any further delay and since it belongs to us, we should not wait any more and continue suffering terrorists attacks.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate

101-C vikas Colony


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